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9/15/2011 Mark S. Oakland, California

I could give six stars I would.
Dan’s prices were very reasonable.

The crew showed up ON TIME at 8:00 every morning.
They adjusted to changes we made very smoothly.
They came in exactly on budget, even discounting some things when the work proved to be less extensive than first imagined.
No detail was too small to be taken care of.
Communication with Ernie, the foreman, was seamless and timely.
They were very neat–a minimum of dust and debris outside of the kitchen area.
The guys doing the work are artists at what they do, every single one of them.

I couldn’t have asked for a better contractor to update our kitchen. A thousand thanks Dan!

4/22/2011 Linda B. Oakland, California

I’ve had a number of house construction projects completed by Martinez Construction, including a retrofit of my house (so that in an earthquake, my house doesn’t slide away from its foundation), a restructuring of my front garden, and the big one: creation of a 2nd bathroom, skyroof, and walk-in closet.
Ernie (foreman) and Dan communicate very well, and if you give them your budget, they’ll tell you what can be done. And any time there’s a problem, as sometimes is with old houses, they’ll give you options you can work with.
I highly recommend this company. In fact, two of my friends are using them right now. Oh – and, since I’ve used 3 construction companies within the past decade, I can say that Dan Martinez was less expensive than the other two.
11/17/2010 Stacie B. Berkeley, California

I had Martinez Construction renovate two bathrooms in my Berkeley Hills home.  They also renovated a kitchen in my rental house in Moraga.  I have a very strong point of view regarding design aesthetic and Martinez was wonderful working with my designs.

They took my input seriously and they were very conscientious about cost – which was really important to me.  The work was done extremely professionally. I am especially happy with a complex tile job – they enclosed a round shower in beautiful terrazzo tile.

Overall I am very happy with the way they partnered with me and took my input seriously yet  they offered their expertise and guided me  – telling me what would work, what wouldn’t – what would be the most expensive vs. less expensive, etc.   While not the least expensive, Martinez Construction gave me great results for a very reasonable price.

8/29/2011 Dawn K. Oakland, California

The horror stories I had heard about kitchen remodels had kept me in a 1922 kitchen (awful!) for 10 years.  Then my friend needed to remodel four rooms in her house and used Martinez Construction.  OMG, they showed up every day, tidied up after themselves, follow a schedule & explained every step!  So I used them to update my kitchen.  I love their crew; the foreman, Ernie, is a honest guy who can keep a million details in his head. He gives you a schedule and sticks to it!!  I made a few changes, one BIG one, and they adjusted smoothly. I totally trust Dan Martinez and NEVER thought I would say that about a construction contractor.  He is very clear, told me when he thought a decision would be too expensive and offered other suggestions.  But he also did what I wanted.  One of his guys is a real artist and suggested a few tiling tips that made my kitchen unique.  I always had someone who spoke fluent English at my house (wish I were bilingual but I’m not).  Their price was very reasonable too.